To Compete & Win

"Waypoints' charter is to assist Community Financial Institutions to Compete and Win in today's highly competitive banking landscape."


The Banking Landscape today as we see it...

  1. Some Banks will fail due to lack of knowledge and/or limited ability or desire to comply with all the regulatory requirements.
  2. Others will become disillusioned with the daily issues of running a family-owned or tightly controlled Community FI and look to exit the business by sale or merger to preserve value.
  3. The remainder will commit to do what it takes to compete and win against the money center and super regionals, while maintaining the Community FI benefits and stature.

Waypoint is chartered to focus on the Fls that want to win, as well as assist those Fls capable of moving into the third category.

The banking industry has become complex with regulatory pressures becoming the focus. A Community Financial Institution can hardly keep up with the changes and enforcement.

There is a compelling need to use extremely competent and affordable third parties to assist in the management and execution of growth strategies. It is a daunting task for a bank's staff to support all the regulations and operational requirements and also build and execute strong growth strategies.

Full access to a large base of industry subject matter experts is the key to competing and beating the competition. With Waypoint, you will have more resources than the "Big Guys."